About Erica "Ms. Precious" McGee

Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Hair Specialist, Author, and Survivor of the Struggle
The Mind Behind She's All Over The Place'
The Mind Behind She's
All Over the Place

Affectionately recognized as Ms. Precious, Erica McGee boasts a rich tapestry of talents—a seasoned barber/stylist for over 15 years, a salon proprietor, an author, a dynamic speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and the dedicated personal assistant to the renowned celebrity barber, James "JT" Thomas.

Once labeled as "all over the place,"" she made a pivotal decision in 2020: she would transform that label into a catalyst for international recognition. Ask her profession, and she'll proudly declare she C.O.M.B's hair, intertwining her identity, her craft, and the promise of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement for you to pursue your dreams. C.O.M.B encapsulates not just what she does, but a commitment to who she is and the transformative experience awaiting you.

C: A Character who Cares...
O: Optimistic to a Fault...
M: A Motivator, Now and Always...
B: Bringing out the Beautiful in Everything!

Erica's Story'
Striving to Thriving: Living Beyond Struggle
The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Embarking on the journey as the visionary owner of Beautiful Me Hair Studio in vibrant Arlington, Texas, she radiates empowerment. Born in Springfield, IL, and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, she discovered her strength and resilience amidst diverse backgrounds.

At the age of 21, she fearlessly embraced entrepreneurship, plunging into uncharted waters with a belief that she could navigate any storm. Despite facing the harsh currents that led from a six-figure income to temporary destitution and homelessness by 30, her unwavering spirit transformed adversity into triumph.

Today, having emerged on top of her challenges, she stands as a testament to the power of perseverance. Her journey is not just a tale of overcoming obstacles but a roadmap for turning setbacks into stepping stones.

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